Our service

We offer:
– Business offers
Any offers that may help in your business problem solving.
– Application porting from the other platforms
If you have the operational application for iPhone we may work out the exact one for Android. And vice-versa.
– Integration with your web-site
The application will let the access to any site service (from the browsing to the order making).

Information about us

We work out the application for the modern cell phones. This is the main and the only trend we work at. We constantly grow and develop our facilities. We may offer to you the website development and the flash banner creation.
We prefer the simplicity that requires no unnecessary efforts. We hail the changing of the demands during the design process. We give the nod to the close contact with our client instead of the multipage requirements specifications. Admitting the client into the atmosphere of the workflow promotes better ultimate result achievement and the confidential relation establishment. We try to keep the Agile principles.
You are always welcome.

The list of the clients

«» – sounds of nature

«EventPlatform» – universal platfrom for effective events
(Moscow, Russia)

(Simferopol, Ukraine)

«const lab» – design and corporate identity
(Moscow, Russia)

«MediaPhone SA» – software development company
(Montreux, Switzerland)

«E-SGS» – audioguide
(Prague, Czech Republic)

«Cheats Maximal» – the website that reveals all the gamer's secrets
(Moscow, Russia)

«Jourist Verlags GmbH» – the company that develops software for the foreign languages study
(Hamburg, Germany)

«SolnceTUR» – the travel agency that proposes the last minute travel offers
(Moscow, Russia)

«V gorode» – the social network service
(Moscow, Russia)

«Omyconf!» – the company that holds the conferences
(Kiev, Ukraine)

(Lipetsk, Russia)

«Probeg-Avto» – automobile showroom
(Orenburg, Russia)

«Oxygen Software»
(Moscow, Russia)

«InRoad» – the travel portal
(Moscow, Russia)

«UbiNuri» – the applications’ distributor
(Seoul, South Korea)
Cloudim - онлайн консультант для сайта бесплатно.