Press release

OLEMIDO is an Android application. It's a new logical game developed by CodeArt company.
You are a player, and your goal is to make a multi-digit number. There are numbers on the board. You have four game pieces that you place on the board. You can turn the game pieces, change their positions. You have to cover some of the numbers on the board using these game pieces, and you need to leave five (or more) target numbers uncovered. When you get the result you need, you move on to the next task.
The puzzle has a simple but unique gameplay. It probably reminds you of puzzles or sudoku, but in reality it's a completely new game. You could say that OLEMIDO is in the category of brain development puzzles, because the game requires attention concentration, trains memory and teaches you to think logically. OLEMIDO is not a mathematical game, and you will not need to do any brain calculations! The new puzzle is for a very wide user audience 7+ years old.
OLEMIDO free game version has 50 levels and 10 hints. The maximum number of levels is 200, you can buy them for $0.99 (purchase option inside the application).
Thank you for your interest in our application!


Skype: codeartm


Android 2.2+
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.5 mb
Available on Google Play:
English language: yes


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